Kindergarten: Let The Learning Begin

First week of school done. Check that off my list. Ready set go and we’re on our way. Kinders rock and never more so than this year. Why you might ask? My time is winding down and I am so blessed to have spent so many wonderful years in education, a teacher; a teacher of kindergarten children. Now we take one year at a time and see where the road may lead me. It has been a relatively smooth transition getting the class ready, meeting with the lower division elementary school teachers, honing in on our literacy program and ending our “getting ready” week with an incredible scavenger hunt: community building without parallel.


Labor Day, no school. Tuesday, meet and greet our students and Wednesday the week begins. As part of our transition to kindergarten the kinders start their day in the classroom. Making friends, playing with manipulatives, recess time, morning meeting, read alouds, activities, lunch and then specialists (art, music and P.E.) in the afternoon. Snack, another read aloud and time to go home. Play an integral part of our day, not an add on, but a must! Pick up in the classroom, kinders will slowly transition to elementary school dismissal on the main yard.


Building our kinder community we focus on Kindergarten Hopes: what they want to happen in kindergarten. The answers vary from learning to read and write and do math to making friends to being a leader. Let their hopes be fulfilled.


The school year is a busy time of year, hope yours has started off in good spirits.


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