New Beginnings

I started to write a post a few days ago but didn’t finish nor did I publish. I was (and still am) so upset with all the turmoil in the world I just needed to find a place to express my concern and feelings. It was a cathartic experience for me and I decided not to publish, but just leave it as a draft. I can re-read whenever I need it! On the other hand I might share bits and pieces in this post. Not sure, because this is a different reflection, one based on hope and renewal. Many cultures celebrate affirmation of new beginnings “New Years.” I have three such major yearly events in my life. First there is the traditional New Years/January 1st celebration, then I celebrate Rosh Hashanah the Jewish New Year (this year it starts the evening of September 24th); and then there is the start of a new school year. My school starts tomorrow, August 25th; a week to meet and come together as a community. I will spend time with old friends and meet the newbies who will be part of our school family. There will be various meetings, PD and time to get our room ready for our students. I always marvel how all this gets done before the students come. But it does! This year I have so much I want us to do in our kindergarten class and as a school. Ideas percolate, but am so much better at letting go, listening and learning. I am ready to learn! I am excited when colleagues and administrators support each other’s passions! Naysayers step aside. I have read incredible blogs, looked at #pb10for10 chat which introduced me to so many books that I want to share with my kinders; have seen wonderful photos of classrooms and kept connecting to passionate, warm, concerned educators on Twitter. Often times a hashtag catches my eye and I join a new group of learners or add my tweets and questions to familiar chats. Summer is officially over for me on Monday. I begin my 23rd year teaching kindergarten and my 38th year at my school. My routine changes, my time on SM is governed by off hours away from work. I will miss not being able to just “take a peak” and see who’s talking to whom. But I know I can reach out when I am puzzled, need some guidance, clarification or some cheers when overwhelmed. I am excited about to tomorrow, my new school year begins.


As I write this post I have decided not to look at my other draft. I like where I am right now. This post has me in a positive frame of mind. I am happy to be there. Wishing you all a great new beginnings.

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