“As Summer Winds Down”

A quick reflection, a stream of consciousness about life. More so the wanderings of my mind as I wonder about stuff. Stuff is a word I use a lot. It encompasses any and everything I need at the time. Summer is almost over and school will begin soon. Do I feel sad about that? No, I am ready to go back. I still have two weeks and I can make of them anything I want at the time. No major commitments or appointments. Have I done everything on my summer to do list? No, but I am okay about that. The stuff I have checked off makes me happy and I am learning (my G-d I am 67 years old, so slow a learner) not to sweat the small stuff! Things will get done in their own time. Summer time filled with family and friends; books and movies; Twitter and face to face conversations. I had some PD opportunities; learner that I am. Were they of value? Yes, when I put a positive bend on stuff. I took some time to explore my city with my visiting daughter and grandkids; laughed and kibitzed with my husband and son as we ate dinner, challenging each other as we watched quiz shows together. And I wondered about stuff, the precarity of life; learning to live with the unexpected. I also look at the big picture: whether war abroad or the turmoil at home, the world ablaze with hatred and I wonder what will be. My mind wanders as I feel helpless, so I retreat. I think about getting my class ready for my kinders. I think about moving forward with stuff I embraced and enjoyed with my class last year. I know my passions drive me. I have so much I want to explore in my teaching, and know the time is short. I have met some of my kinders: lively, lovely, curious and energetic. Soon I will know their interests; I have so much to share. But for now, I know I will have to wait, giving us time to build trusting relationships, in an inviting environment. And I am lucky. I work in a place with people that are like family; supportive, encouraging and guiding.

IMG_3318-0      IMG_2232



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