Kinderblog14 Week 5 Let Me Entertain You

So I read this week’s challenge and thought, “Oh how adorable. I always have so many anecdotal stories I share with family and friends. This will be an easy quick post. Well you can tell by the way I started this, it wasn’t!” Some worry about ‘summer slide,’ but  play takes care of this for our students as they are off on summer break; I on the other hand, have SUMMER BRAIN. So not to make this too challenging as I do want to share the humor in my day , I will make a list of some of my Kinders’ comments.

KINDER COMMENTS: (In no particular order) CHUCKLES
“I’m in kindergarten. I can do it myself. I don’t need any help.”
“Do you need help with that?” (As I struggle to get a student on the computer.)
“That’s not how you do it!” (As I struggle to help a student put a toy together.)
“You don’t need to read the directions. I’ve played this game before.” (As I struggle to make sense of a board game.) (HMM, SEEING A THEME HERE.)
“He isn’t following the rules I just made up. (As they argue about a checkers move. BUT I do know this game, so I get to be the arbitrator here.)
“We did that yesterday.” (In reference to math, reading or writing lessons. So I guess they’re done!)
“I have nothing to do.” (In a room filled with toys, books and people. I look at my kinder, curious and wait for what is really being said.)
“I am so hungry, when is it lunch time?” (This at around 10:30 am when lunch is at 11:45am. Again I wait, letting my kinder tell me more.)

This year I had a student who was an incredible dancer; boy did he have moves! Whenever we danced to the #Kinderchat  Symbaloo
he would laugh with delight and saddle up to me to show me how it’s done. And then exclaim, “Look Fay is getting it!” (I rarely did, but he was one of my cheerleaders! He loved my sense of humor and “got me.”)

I rarely wear skirts to school and on the occasion that I do, the comments from boys and girls are hysterical; from “Oh my, you’re so pretty” to “I didn’t know you have skirts.” Often times they would find ways to touch my legs as they hugged me, just checking it all out. When I showed them that I could twirl in my skirt, their eyes lit up in amazement and with big “Ohs!”

And the bathroom stuff:
“I didn’t make it. (In time and change of clothes needed)
“We’re just sharing” (as two are in the same stall)
“I need help with my clothes.” (completely undresses to sit on the toilet)

And the vomit: I DON’T DO VOMIT:
“My stomach hurts” (Do you feel like you’re going to throw up?) “No” (then upchucks as I run for the trash can. Gagging all the way. Kinders look at me.) “Are you alright?” (I nod my head, helping the thrower upper, hoping my gagging will stop!) (I have also caught vomit in my hands, in a cup, paper towels and all over my clothes. I don’t do vomit. Well I guess I do, but not well.)

I could go on with the chaos of misplaced backpacks, clothes, pencil boxes and work. With all innocence I think this is where the DOG DID IT!  So folks my title is KINDERGARTEN TEACHER and wouldn’t have another one!

Halloween brings out the best in me. I can twirl in my “flower girl skirt.”



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2 Responses to Kinderblog14 Week 5 Let Me Entertain You

  1. Patty Nault says:

    Thanks for making me smile Faige! I wouldn’t have it any other way either.

  2. faige says:

    Thanks Patty. I hoped it would bring smiles and laughter with recognition by people who read the post. 😀

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