#kinderblog14 Week 2 : Letters To The Editor: The Conundrum

Starting this post in response to #kinderblog14 Week 2 challenge and am not sure where it will lead me. I have found two interesting posts one about 21st Century Learning learning and Kathy Cassidy on digital citizenship citizenship
Truth be told I tried to leave a comment on the first post about 21st century honesty, but kept having tech glitches on my iPad. (Now if that isn’t irony, I don’t know what is!) I think I will share with you my conundrum about all this tech to tie in the two posts. IMHO (in my humble opinion – how I love that one!) at times I feel I am bombarded and in overload trying to figure this all out for me, my teaching and my students. “Tech” is out there and cannot be ignored. Often times I am so in awe and envious at the ease some teachers have with all this integrating apps into their programs. I cheer hurray when I am successful and my kinders are so excited to show what they can do. We have computers and iPads available for my students. They use the iPads with our balanced literacy program as well as practicing handwriting. They love listening to stories on them and doing Pic Collage. They play with Geoboards and then extend this to the iPad app. We have a many apps they can use. And they are amazing. Watching them help each other whether on the computer or iPads demonstrates their interest and excitement about using these tools. And the language that they use to help each other and me, shows me their understanding of their work. Ignoring that tech is part of the curriculum is like the proverbial saying “like an ostrich, burying its head in the sand”.
So how do we do it ALL when we strive to balance all that is asked of us as teachers and then what we know about young children and what we feel is best for them? I have many more questions then answers and often wake up at night trying to figure this all out. For me some of the positives of technology outside the classroom are:

PLUSES: Connecting to classes in different parts of the world with Skype and Twitter. #globalclassroom that can lead to collaborative PBL: #geniushour learning to be shared outside our walls

CONCERNS: Does it take away from the f2f relationships between teacher and child? Do we become to obsessed with the tech and “there’s an app for that” mentality? AND then there is play. PLAY is where the learning really takes place. Isn’t it? We can look at play in many ways, but for our kinders hands on messy sharing talking problem solving gross and fine motor movement is play. What play does:



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4 Responses to #kinderblog14 Week 2 : Letters To The Editor: The Conundrum

  1. Using technology in the classroom is a fine balance. I can also argue myself in many different directions. I guess it is finding the right fit for me as a teacher and for each class.

  2. faige says:

    So true. The balancing act is so fine but doing what’s best for each class is crucial. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Patty Nault says:

    I agree with your positives and your concerns Faige. Balance and moderation is the key. I know I sure do appreciate the times when I set my devices aside personally and take a break from the digital world. Our students today see them as a normal part of their world, whereas we have to learn to adapt to all the new learning there is to do on our part. I try my best to weave technology into the already exisiting parts of our day to make it all seem to fit with the natural flow. I like the graphic on play development!

  4. faige says:

    I continue working on this. So much depends on the students and in the beginning of the year it’s really get to know each other.

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