#kinderblog14, Week 1: The Headlines: I Do have Something To Say

I can’t believe it is that time of year again: Blogging time on #kinderchat #kinderblog14. This is where I started my blogging journey: The road traveled. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about, but the challenges presented last year gave me a structure, something I needed as a newbie blogger. And after my blog a day for a month, I found this was an incredible place for me to share my interests, passions and reflections of my teaching and learning. I decided that I wanted to blog once a week and for the most part have stuck to this routine. Some of my posts have been personal, explaining and sharing how I came to Twitter and my participation in a variety of chats. I have come to see my PLN as an extended family of friends and colleagues; who encourage me and spur me on when I have doubts. I have written before that we are an incredible breed, we teachers/educators. And we choose to have a voice for those who don’t: the students in our care. In my community, school and personal life, I am know as a person who is vocal and shares what’s on her mind. But I am also a listener; not to just make comments, but to understand different perspectives and learn from them. So to my headlines. I was a bit insecure (truthfully more than a bit) when I saw that the “tech” crowd started to follow me. I wondered why and I feared that they would see me as a fraud since my tech skills left much to be emulated. I spoke to my friend and colleague @Matt_Arguello about this and his comment (don’t know if he realizes this) that I had a voice and much to share beyond the tech, that people would value, reassured me to follow back. And through the years on Twitter, with the various chats, discussions on the perils of our education system, meeting up f2f at conferences and #edcamp encounters, I realized that I do have a voice, something to say that my PLN values. Because no matter what, we are here to do the best we can for our students. One of my favorite quotes


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3 Responses to #kinderblog14, Week 1: The Headlines: I Do have Something To Say

  1. Patty Nault says:

    Your friend and colleague @Matt_Arguello is very wise indeed. I have learned some of this tech stuff right along with you and sharing your interests, passions, and reflections have inspired me to be a better teacher. You are always so positive and encouraging.
    I chose to focus on my classroom blog this past school year and my own blog got moved to the back burner. #Kinderchat2014 is just what I need to get going again. Looking forward to your next post.

  2. faige says:

    Thank you so much Patty for your kind words. I have left some stuff on back burner as well. Want to get my class Twitter account more active than last year. Don’t know if blogging will happen for my kinders ;(

    • Patty Nault says:

      I had an amazing year of blogging with my class and their families. It might just end up to be the topic of my first post for the blogging challenge. I hope our classes will connect next year through Twitter. I want to try a few things differently. My biggest goal will be to convince someone to pay for me to attend ISTE and meet all of the amazing people I’ve connected with.

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