The Human Side Of Teaching

I have been reading many posts on blogs about the importance of making connections and relationships; happily from the folks at #ISTE2014 and #NOTATISTE2014. This International Society for Technology in Education conference showcased tech stuff I am sure, but the language of communication was discussed beyond the tech. The bloggers talked about their biggest take-a-way meeting up f2f (face to face) with people they interface with on Twitter and renewing friendships when they meet again at these big conferences. This human side of the Twitterverse makes me proud that I am connected to so many amazing educators and people who are passionate about ensuring a good education for all children. In full disclosure mode I must say I am still a bit “tech phobic” and in awe of my PLN who approach tech challenges with the same ferocity that I approach “best practices” for my kinders. The stream of tweets during the ISTE conference were amazing as people tweeted what they were hearing and shared links. The NOTATISTE people created on Google+ a place to share links and ideas. It was a whirlwind of information. I hope to spend some time reading the information that was shared. So for someone like me how do I digest all this: I focus on the feelings, the connections and relationships discussed, the thinking behind the words, the questions that stir up discomfort and I think about my students. As people shared more of who they are (personal and professional reflections), how they came to this profession, and why they stay, “what makes them tick”; I hear their angst and concern, their desire to do the best for their students. We are an incredible breed! I think about my kinders and their families and their stories. I know my situation differs from many as I teach in an independent school system, but I teach children who are just that, children with wants and needs. Children who need the time to be children. So I share this article about what if we all learned like kindergarteners kindergartner
And this from @venspired as she shared her reflections on ISTE


Ending with @Primary_Ed g

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