Reminiscing: High School Graduation 1964 #TBT

It all started with #tbt (Throwback Thursday). I found my high school graduation picture and decide to put it on Facebook. I wrote “My yearbook picture. Reminiscing: High School 1964. So many family and friends posted such sweet kind comments. Joe (who happens to be the dad of two children who were in my kindergarten class; both of whom have long since graduated), wrote, “Such a wonderful photo of you. Hope good memories too.” I replied to him, “Hi Joe, HS memories mixed but certainly define who I would become.” Throughout my life I have come to realize big and little moments impact who you become. The significance of the words you say and those said to you can be unpredictable. They can raise you up or put you down. You never know when they may surface again and what roller coaster ride you may be on. HS had its ups and downs like most experiences. My friends (and family) then, like now, were there for me. We were a tight group for many years, but life has many detours; you go off to college or not, you move to a different country, make new friends and move on. I think of this now as I had this week off from work with few obligations. No major to do lists! What a relief. So mornings found me with latte in hand, joining twitter chats (unheard of since I am usually at work). Time with friends, lots of lunches out and phone calls to take care of personal stuff. Trips to the Grove; books to look at and prioritize what I want to read first. My husband and I took afternoon naps and he enjoyed my time off. We have a summer transition program at school where the Early Childhood children come to our “KinderCamp.” I will be there for two weeks starting Monday. Then I wait for my daughter and grand kids to visit and my summer vacation really begins. So back to memories. My kinders have many years to build memories. Most, in passing, will have undefinable influence on them. But those that will, will mold who they become. Who we are is often defined by our past and how can that not impact our students’. At times as teachers we have a heavy load. Someone on Twitter said, We don’t teach curriculum, we teach children. My hope is that kindness and patience (theirs and ours: the people they meet along the road) guide them.
My reflections are often inspired by the many wonderful blogs I follow from my PLN on Twitter.


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One Response to Reminiscing: High School Graduation 1964 #TBT

  1. Beautiful words and photograph :-);
    “words” are on my heart, too!

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