Graduation Day: Kinders’ Reflections

My kinders walk across the stage in our Community Center to receive their Kindergarten Diploma: no gowns, but proudly wearing their caps. In front of family and friends they sing their hearts out and then sit on risers waiting their turn for their diplomas. As they walk across the stage one by one, their teacher relates what they felt was their favorite part of kindergarten. The comments are as varied as they are different and the same. Thanks to
Vivian Maria Vasquez @clippodcast for the last two years we have had The Learning Trail bulletin board calendar; a visual memory of the learning throughout the year. Some are pictures I have taken of everyday or special occasions and some are drawings that the kinders have made. A passage of time that shows the play, block building, math, reading and writing experiences. As well as holiday celebrations with parents, geniushour, 100ths day and much, much more. The kinders have access to the board whenever they choose to and this year we had a group of children who really enjoyed looking at these pictures, reflecting and sharing with each other the stories that theses pictures represent to them. When asked about their favorite thing in kindergarten this became their reference tool, their visual reminder of the year gone by.
So I present to you the Kindergarten Class of 2014 and their

M: liked going to the Innovation Center and Andy Goldsworthy’s nature art
H: favorite thing was having his amazing teachers
F: liked learning about math because she didn’t know much about it
T: doing art with his art teacher (specialist)
A: favorite thing was being with her teacher
R: liked doing the apple experiment and making the city skyline
A: liked being with all his friends
G: liked doing math at calendar time
T: liked taking Diamond (class mascot) home and reading his journal
S: liked learning about Guatemala
A: favorite thing was being with his teachers
N: liked taking apart the owl pellets and seeing what was inside
E: liked learning everything
I: liked playing the Diamond game and taking Diamond home
M: liked the Halloween Parade and reading with her teachers
G: liked making new friends
M: liked the Halloween Parade
C: favorite thing were his teachers’ smiles
S: liked learning about the rainforest
E: liked learning math and counting numbers
G: liked the field trips
S: liked the Halloween Parade
J: liked doing all the different kinds of math activities
R: liked learning about the farm and making the dram bulletin board
M: liked the Christmas celebration
P: liked the making her collection for the 100ths Day museum
S: liked working with his 3rd Grade Water Buddies
H: liked playing the Fantastic Frog and Diamond games
K: liked making her Golden Lion Tamarin for the rainforest


Last art work before graduation


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