Learning From Report Cards

It is time to write my last student conference reports and I am busy assessing my kinders. These assessments, then, are summative. My kinders are demonstrating what they have learned in the various curricular benchmarks: reading, writing, math and social studies. I also look at their social emotional development along with their work habits. Our reports are quite comprehensive, helping us get a good perspective of the learning taking place, not in a vacuum, but how the “whole child” is faring. For my kinders these are summative reports, because they are now ready to move on to the next grade level. The check list and narrative will, hopefully, give their first grade teachers a guide to who they are and how they learn in our school setting. But for me I can look at these assessments as formative: to guide my teaching for next year. I know each child is different as well as each group off kinders. The dynamics vary and are fluid throughout the year. I will look at what has worked and has been a successful teaching and learning tool. I will look at what strategies need to be developed more thoroughly. I am so proud of these kinders. They are like puzzles pieces, each interlocking to complete our kindergarten class. They have had a wonderful first Olympic experience at our school. Their sportsmanship and generosity of spirit brought so much joy to their teachers and parents. So many parent comments reflected their appreciation of the teachers and the commitment the school has to our students. We are dedicated and I don’t shy away from admitting it. There is no false pride here! So I end this post by acknowledging how much I learn from my PLN on Twitter and how grateful I am for their many ideas that I have incorporated into our program. My colleagues at school continue to be an incredible supportive group of educators. We all share a common goal: doing the best we can for our students. Teaching is not just a job, it might start as one, but then we understand that it is much more.
Thanks to @venspired I share this:


What reflections do you have as the school year ends? Do you assess your teaching practices as well?

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6 Responses to Learning From Report Cards

  1. Joy Kirr says:

    Oh, Faige! I think we assess our own teaching practices every single day. There is so much I always wish I could’ve done differently. I do, however, learn from my mistakes. I feel it’s true, what you said – “We all share a common goal: doing the best we can for our students.” We reflect for this reason. I know I’ll never get it “right,” but I can do what I can… So excited for your year-end and to the new learning to come!

  2. faige says:

    Know what you mean Joy. Good lessons and good days just reinvigorate. The other side probably makes us better teachers. For us “right” is relative to the now, no? Only by reflections….

  3. Patty Nault says:

    I plan on settling in today to begin my own students’ report cards to comment on their learning throughout the year and I love how you flipped it back to our “teacher” learning. We do that daily, even hourly at times. I have found myself reflecting on this year’s class the past month in preparation for commenting on report cards while simultaneously planning for next year’s class. Is it any wonder teachers are so tired this time of year? It’s a good tired though! Summer brings the freedom to dream, plan, and prepare for another year guided by what we learned from this year. It also allows us time to regenerate and care for ourselves. Hope you have a great summer and let’s continue to learn from each other.

  4. faige says:

    Your are so right! Everyday is a day of reflection. And tired we are, no doubt. Hope to have some down time with my grandkids when they visit. And yes, let’s continue learning together. Happy summer!

  5. Chrissy says:

    I, too, am working on report cards today. Although, I’m doing this begrudgingly because we still have four days left together– and I want to give my little ones every opportunity to show their learning. And the end of the year is hard for me… I don’t want to say goodbye! I’ll keep routines in place until graduation day, this coming Friday. 🙂

    I’ve started a page with notes on things to do differently next year. You’ve reminded me to also note things that worked well! Hopefully, I’ll remain in K.

    Have a happy day!
    Chrissy (@singalullaby)

    • faige says:

      Thanks for your comments, Chrissy. We end June 11th. How fast the year has flown by. This has been an incredible year of learning for my kinders and me as well. I have been at my school since 1977. First 13 years in the ece program. I have taught kindergarten since 1991 and with the same teaching partner. Will be back in my room next year. Then who knows where the road may lead me…

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