A Tweet Inspires: Keeping Commitments

Thought I would pass on blogging this week and then I read a tweet and a post from @mikepaul: Why I Believe Teachers Should Blog, and They Should Blog EVERY DAY (On Creativity) http://t.co/wfoioJl8XN and decided to keep to my commitment to writing a post on my blog each week. So I will connect a lot of my kinders learning through our Wonders. I have found this concept of wonders as an incredible motivator for learning and the children driving the learning through their wonders/questions/interests. They are becoming mathematicians, writers and readers. They now face challenges with greater resolve; feeling more confident. They have had opportunities to demonstrate their interests during our time for #geniushour indoor and outdoor play time and conversations as we develop our Units Of Study. One of the teachers in kindergarten responding to my excitement in the students’ response to “wonder walls wonders” said, “Fay, they’re excited because you’re excited. They’re responding to your passion in learning through these ideas.” And she’s right! I am passionate about teaching and learning; mine and theirs. I share with joy their growth and accomplishments; and I try to be there for them at times of uncertainty, conflict and tears. Some of the wonders have been answered through Brainpopjr and Wonderopolis and DiscoveryEducation. Some answers are found in the many books we read and some need further research. This past week we focused on the countries the kinders will represent in our school Olympic events (a school wide program run by our physical education teachers). As they learn about Egypt, Guatemala, Spain and Thailand the kinders are amazed to see the many similarities (and differences) between children all over the globe. And the wonders prevail! We are very close to the end of our school year. The kinders graduate on June 11th. But we aren’t winding down, we still have “roads to travel.”

Teaching about Egypt


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One Response to A Tweet Inspires: Keeping Commitments

  1. tritonkory says:

    Good for you sticking to your commitment of writing every week! It’s when you do that it really becomes a true habit. I need to set that goal this summer! Your Wonders sound amazing and so true about the kids feeding off the enthusiasm of the teacher! I am trying to figure out how to squeeze in some Wondering with the strict requirements I have with our schedule and what curriculum we HAVE to use. Will be working on that this summer-anxious to hear about more of your wonders to help me make some plans!

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