When Inspired I Blog

I did not plan to blog this week end, but I have a quiet moment to reflect. My grand kids are with their mother and uncle (my son) visiting friends for lunch and then maybe they will get to swim. My son in law is sitting with my husband while I take a few minutes for myself, to rest. (Getting ready for the last days of Passover and good byes to my visiting clan. This is always the hard part; hellos hold such promise and goodbyes leave me with a lump in my throat.) So this morning when I looked at my Facebook feed, I saw a wonderful graphic from @venspired Cloudy With A Chance Of Inspiration

and I thought about clouds and how I love looking at them and taking pictures when I can.

Krissy Venosdale talks about the clouds as an inspiration for creativity, learning and hope as she connects this to all of us: Everyone Is A learner she says. And I, I as I watch the clouds move through the sky, wonder how I impact my kinders, what kind of inspiration do I instill in them? Do they see that I too struggle to learn, that I too make mistakes and sometimes not the best choices, that I too found math not so easy, but reading an escape that carried me through some rough times. I know that I have made some impact, when they ran to greet me after I returned from being absent for a few days to celebrate Passover with my family. With their incredible hugs, smiles and a myriad of stories they wanted to share with me, they told me “I missed you, welcome back.” I will be listening to their voices, not just their words, but the voice with in them, their aha moments that drive the learning for them and for us. I see it in our #geniushour times, in their wonderful play that incorporates collaboration, sharing of ideas and cooperation. Kindness shines and learning takes place. When a graphic inspires, I gotta blog! What inspires your teaching and how do you respond?

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