When I Look At My Cup

My head is still filled with the wonder of the #ASCD14 Conference in Los Angeles March 15-17th (the days I attended). The draw for me were the keynote speakers Daniel Pink and Sir Ken Robinson. Then I also heard Tony Wagner and Dr. Russell Quaglia speak. Okay I must admit my BIG bonus was meeting people from my PLN on Twitter, f2f. I felt like I was with friends, getting ready to share experiences. Just knowing they were there, even if I did’t get to meet many of them, was exciting. How often will I be in that situation! The quasi edcamp session where we joined in talks that were relevant to our interests, once again reaffirmed the benefit of this type of PD. I tweeted like crazy, eager to share what I was hearing with all the people following the hashtag. And I quickly ‘favorite’ tweets that I wanted to go back and delve into, when I had time. Although a little envious of people who would quickly share links in their tweets, I was glad to have them as a reference. Choosing what session to go to was a bit daunting, but in hindsight I realized I would get something from them, because that’s me. There is this lovely children’s book A House Is a House For Me that reminds about school. What kind of school do we want for our kids? How do we make sure we have that school for our students? The speakers all addressed this from their visions, their perspectives. The challenge, if we agree with them, is how do we get from here to there?


I sat in sessions with educators from all over the US and Canada; people from as far away as Australia, Guam and Singapore. And I realized we had one goal in common, we were here to listen and share; to add to our “tool box” an understanding that we are all learners, just as we are all teachers. So from where I sit right now my cup looks pretty full; the Pollyanna in me stays strong. I know being connected makes the journey possible.



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