How We Made Our 100th day of School Part of Geniushour

We have always celebrated our 100th Day of School with a museum exhibit of our collections. At my school we have a nice space to display the collections and we invite all members of our school community to come and visit. Parents are also invited and many of them do come; schedule permitting. We take many pictures and put them on our Haiku page for the children to see their work, with their families. However this year we did something different. We asked the kinders to bring in their “stuff” in labeled bags, NOT assembled. We gave the students and their families extra time to gather their objects and then scheduled time to go to our Innovation Center to assemble their work. The excitement was palpable as the kinders worked on their own or collaboratively to get their display ready. The kinders problem solved to come up with the best ways to showcase their collection. We took their work back to the classroom and they had a many more days to revise or tighten up their project. Then the big day came, our 100th Day Of School. Standing behind their work, with their 100th Day headbands on their heads they greeted the many visitors explaining why and what they choose and then what they did to get their display ready. It is a day that will long be remembered!





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