We’re not there yet, but

I am blogging again after a 15 day hiatus. But this blog is not really about me or my Kinders, but the connection is strong. In my Twitterverse I have found so many incredible people and ideas; food for thought and I EAT a lot of that. So when I saw a a post on FB from my friend @ghkcole I know I wanted to tweet this and then decided to write this post.

I follow @AngelaMaiers and have read about students who have been empowered to contribute to their community and the world at large. They #Choose2Matter! I also follow #Geniushour and have read many posts and links about the incredible learning that takes place when students are given the opportunity to follow their passions.

And in my Kindergarten class we begin this journey. My Kinders learn to cooperate, collaborate and reach out. Through literature and play they see they can make a difference as they stand up for an injustice and include peers in their play. Our 100th day of school is fast approaching. One of our panels includes 100 Kind Words and thoughts:


So Kinders start by seeing what they can do to help their family, friends and community. #geniushour and opportunities for play and learning is their beginning. #YouMatter is a motto we hope they feel so they will eventually #Choose2Matter and make a difference.
Not yet, bet getting there.

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3 Responses to We’re not there yet, but

  1. Faige, I love how you’ve got that wall for the kinders. My 7th graders need a wall like that. I want them to change the world. I want them to make a difference. This year, however, most of their projects are centered around themselves. I have to be okay with that. I was in a GHO one time with Angela Maiers, and she said that it’s okay. It has to start with them caring about themselves, and following their own passion, then they can move on from there when they’re ready. So keep that word “yet” in your last sentence… and I’ll hold on and encourage the 7th graders to reach to their fullest potential, too! (I may just incorporate a beautiful wall like you’ve got!) Thank you so much for sharing – you’re being a super role model for everyone.

  2. faige says:

    Thank you so much, Joy. Making connections is where we start in kindergarten and it becomes a buikding block. Thinking about oneself, building a strong sense of self, value and purpose, helps your students understand their needs and then reaching out will make sense to them. Love how you’re helping me along this journey.

  3. Melva Herman says:

    Faige, I am so stealing your 100 kind words. I am not doing 100th day of school but I will be doing a focus on the number 100 when it fits in with our math scope & sequence. That is such a great starting point. The kids really need to start with a strong foundation of love and kindness.

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