#kinderblog Day 28 I want my class: Play Is The Word

We started our week off with a Lunar New Year celebration. Gung Hey Fat Choi 2014 The Year Of The Horse.


To say the least it was a busy fun-filled morning. In the afternoon it was time for dictionary and to listen to StoryBots Letters on Kinderchat Symbaloo.


Tomorrow we start a new assignment in our Writing Workshop. It is time to make a How To Book. The children will start with their story board and go from there. Thursday we go on a field trip to an art museum. The art teacher has arranged this for the Kinders as an introduction/prompt to a special end of year collaborative art project.

We also have math, Daily 5 rotations, music and art specialists. And more Lunar New Year books to read and activities planned. In the midst of all that, it is time for Benchmark Assessments and Running Records. Are we exhausted yet?

So what I want for my class is to make sure the time they have to play and explore stays sacrosanct. Learning takes place in lots of forms and in lots of places. Learning to get along with peers as they work together, express their wonder, validate each others space and curiosity, wouldn’t be bad, for this unusual week, or any other time.

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