#kinderblog Day 27 Five favorite children’s books Oops Lost Count

Once again my caveat for this one: These are my five (sorry couldn’t limit to five) favorite children’s books as of now, as I think about it today. I usually write my posts the night before, so this is written on Sunday, January 26th.

Patricia Polacco’s Chicken Sunday, Mrs. Katz and Tuch and the Keeping Quilt (check out this link)

Jacqueline Woodson’s Each Kindness and The Other Side (check out this link)

Jennifer Berne’s On A Beam of Light (check out link) I used this book as an introduction to #geniushour

Lisa Shook Begaye’s Building a Bridge (check out link) I read this first week of kindergarten

David McPhail’s The Teddy Bear Book (check out link) I read this book around Thanksgiving/December holidays

Since I am writing this post at home and in the month of January we focus on the changes in our world through MLK’s work, many of the books I mention relate to kindness, compassion and empathy.



Oh and I can’t forget Miss Rumphius our pioneer women who is on a mission to make the world beautiful and Roxaboxen, our first #GeniusHour group of children.



I love to read to my Kinders and choose both fiction and nonfiction books. In many of our units of study I try to balance the fanciful stories with factual ones. My kinders exclaim with pride when they discuss which they are; what makes them one or the other and what that means to the writer and to the reader!

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4 Responses to #kinderblog Day 27 Five favorite children’s books Oops Lost Count

  1. Patty Nault says:

    I’m itching to get my hands on a couple of your favorites. and check them out, personally and with my students. I need more books that lend themselves to deeper thinking and conversation. I tend to navigate toward all the fun texts in order to model myself as joyfully literate. Might be time to stretch those conversations a bit. I will definitely use On a Beam of LIght when I feel brave enough to give Genius Hour a try. Hopefully I can catch up on the challenge today since school is cancelled due to the frigid temps. I It’s -8 without windchill. Brrr!

    • faige says:

      Thanks for your comment. I love reading to my students. Hoping to instill in them values that build caring, concern, kindness and empathy. And the love of reading, wouldn’t be bad.

  2. Jessica says:

    I haven’t heard of many of these books! I’m definitely going to check them out! I love books that lend themselves to social/emotional growth. Coming from preschool, where I read many, many of the social/emotional books, I am missing that this year. We focus so much on academic skills and our themes that we don’t do much with social/emotional skills. My kiddos could certainly use more of it. I’ve got to find a way to incorporate it!

  3. faige says:

    I agree Jessica. We also read many fiction and nonfiction books that promote reading comprehension, leveled reading and support the academic curriculum. But my favorite are those that help them see world from others perspective. Social/emotional, empathy and kindness. Important to instill in them.

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