#kinderblog Day 26 Okay Strengths #BragBlogTime

Okay, think this will not be so easy. It always feels like I am tooting my own horn: not a comfortable place for me. I think someone has blogged about this: it’s not bragging when you share your strengths, expertise and know-how. Or something to that effect.

Having said all that my biggest strength is my background in the Psychology of Human Development/Child development and how I apply it to my teaching practices.

Another, is my sense of humor, for at the end of the day, most issues are not a “Lebensfragen”
Humor and making fun of myself is my release stressor. It works for me and my colleagues.

Another, I will share, is my willingness to try to new things. I push my thinking, my doing and my learning. And, thus here I am blogging.



I saw these two posters on Twitter and unfortunately can’t remember where I saw “mistakes”, but FAIL was from @Primary_Ed

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