#knderblog Day 24 TGIF Go To Colleague

Wow a deep question for a TGIF blog. I have worked at the same school since 1976. Long time I know. My first 14 years were in the early childhood classes: Toddlers, Three Year Olds and Four Year Olds. Since 1991 I have worked in Kindergarten: A Place I Call Home. By that I mean the mesh between my personality, teaching and learning style works so well here. I found my vocation, my “calling” in the kindergarten classroom. My dream job. In our school we team teach and I have been with the same teaching partner, from day one, in kindergarten. We are now like an old married couple. We finish each other’s thoughts and sentences. We laugh how bouncing ideas off of each other is like sharing a brain; and it’s a very good brain. He supports my interests and PD from Twitter. I have brought in @wonderopolis and the Wonder Wall, the learning trail @clippodcast and this year my passion with #Geniushour. We now have a class Twitter account and yesterday we used Skype to connect with one of our students who moved to Australia! My partner has been so supportive as I stretch my learning. He is my go to colleague. He knows me the best. He is my friend.

When you work with someone for so long, your personal life is not your own, it seeps in the work place and I have been lucky to find unconditional support from my partner, and I think, he from me. We have shared joys and sorrows. Writing this post I thought of this:

I have learned to live with grief and sorrow. And make the best of tomorrow.
I have learned to live with joy and triumph. For today and tomorrow.

My colleagues and especially my teaching partner have “my back” and for this I am grateful!


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