#kinderblog Day 17 TGIF: If I ran a school… Look Out World Here I Come

This made me laugh. At first I wanted to say I’ll take a pass on this one. Then I remembered how often I kibitz with colleagues and friends and say, “Now if I ran the world. Do you hear me G-d?” All kidding aside, if I ran a school I would hook up with the best people in the field of education. Their expertise would guide brainstorming and decision making. For my younger students, play would steer the learning. Developmentally appropriate practices are essential.


In my school we team teach and I love this model. Class size is important as is classroom design and space. I would have the outdoor be an extension of the learning environment: greening of the work space. Our day is fast paced with 45 minute blocks, which means many transitions and for some students not enough time to work on their “passion based learning.” So I think blocks of time would vary and flow. I would have students “drive/create curriculum that interests them integrating “core” classes in their learning. #Geniushour would flow throughout their learning as they think of the changes and impact they can have on their community as they connect with global classrooms. And the arts are a must! School life must include art, music, library, drama, dance and physical education; not necessarily as separate entities but intertwined. This challenge comes towards the end of a week that our Kinders are learning about MLK and his Big Words. It has been heartwarming to listen to the students share their understanding of who Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was and what he did for all people. So I want our students to feel good about who they are, to be good people with heart and soul: to care, to reach out, to look beyond themselves, to make a difference, to take a stand. So if I ran a school….


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