#kinderblog Day 16 New Year’s Resolution: Chuck It Out the Window

So if you want to refresh your memory here is my resolution:

Now I know why I don’t MAKE NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS. I always think that what I aim to do shouldn’t be too hard, since it is MY goal. BUT give me a break, here it is Day 16 of 2014 and I want to chuck it out the window. Not that I am not working hard on being “Brave,” I am. And not that I don’t believe FAIL means First Attempt In Learning, I do; but it’s not the RESOLUTION I would make today. If I wrote this today, okay, which I am, I would say: to breathe, take it easy, don’t do so much, less multi-tasking AND have a good time. Which I am, as write for a-blog-a-day challenge.




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