#kinderblog Day 12 Comfy clothes (aka “my uniform”)

My daughter calls “my comfy” clothes “my uniform.” We laugh whenever we talk or if she is here visiting me, about this “uniform.” When I finally am done with school for the day, errands complete and I know I will be home, I quickly get out of my clothes and put on my “uniform.” Summer or winter the pants stay the same; loose pull on exercise pants (caveat: not used for exercising); multiple pairs. In the summer I change into a loose t-shirt and in winter, into a sweatshirt. As luck or fortuitous foresight, I have many t-shirts (long and short sleeved) and a slew of sweatshirts, mementos from different plays I have seen and from places I have been. Feeling comfortable feeds the body and the soul, no doubt.


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One Response to #kinderblog Day 12 Comfy clothes (aka “my uniform”)

  1. Beth says:

    I’m with you there…comfy is where it is at. I do try to make my work clothes as much a cross between comfortable and professional as possible as well. Thank goodness I have always gravitated to forgiving fashion professions.

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