#kinderchat Day 10 Blog: TGIF The Lottery (a poem first)


First you have to pay,
Then you get to play.

You wait for the numbers
You squeal with glee
Not one, not two, but three
And then no more.

You dream, your dream
You wait for the gold.
But then it goes on hold.

If I win:

I was born on January 10, 1947. Today is my birthday. I was told that I was the lottery win for my family. Be that as it may, life sure has been interesting. So what would I do with a big money win, hmmm? At this point, I would finish up my year at work and then ready, set and go. Learning about the world first hand is such a trip. I love to travel and had a stretch of time where I traveled to places near and far. But on this road, with its many twists, I now stay close to home. Of course taking care of family is top on my list. The causes close to my heart would also benefit from my win. And all the little fix ups around my house would not be far behind.
But until then, I go on quite content


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2 Responses to #kinderchat Day 10 Blog: TGIF The Lottery (a poem first)

  1. It would be nice to win big, but more important to be content where you are with what you have.

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