#kinderblog Day 7 Where will my class be by the end of this year?

I have high hopes for my Kinders. Here Frank Sinatra says it quite well

This has been a wonderful beginning for my class. The excitement builds! They work hard at being Readers, having found their way in the Daily 5 literacy block. They see themselves as Writers working diligently in the Writing Workshop program. Math finds them up on their knees excited to share what they know about numeracy, tallies and now working on equations. Our learning trail thanks to @clippodcast gives them a visual monthly calendar of their learning. @Wonderopolis continues to excite their inquiry as our Wonder Wall grows with questions and discovery. #Geniushour takes our recyclables to new uncharted territory; built on a foundation of cooperation and collaborative work. We now have a class Twitter account that I hope to format in a way that gives the students more autonomy and independence. One of our students moved to Australia and I hope to activate our Skype account so that he and his friends can maintain a relationship that they so passionately articulated before he left. Many of my PLN generously offered to help me with some Skype possibilities appropriate for Kindergarten. So that’s on my horizon. I know many in #kinderchat #1stchat have class blogs. Don’t see that for this year, but stranger things have happened.







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