#kinderblog Day 5 My historical era (Spoiler alert: Nothing light)

If you could live in any historical era, WHEN would you live?

This was a challenge for me. I wish I could think of something witty, amazing and light to write about. But although I have a wonderful (and at times raunchy) sense of humor, make fun of myself and enjoy laughing, I just couldn’t come up with that in this challenge. Interestingly enough, my son-in-law asked me about my family (on both parents side) survival during WWII. I had some vague information and told him he would have to ask my aunts and uncle next time he came to visit us. He wants to be able to leave a historical legacy about his family and mine (my daughter’s) for my Grandkids. This set the stage for my thinking about this challenge.

So I went to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Voyage of the Dammed. (Don’t know why, because I have so many questions for many leaders during this time.)

I know I will never understand or find satisfactory answers to the unbelievable heartlessness of most nations to the plight of the Jews in WWII. Which also brings to mind how Jewish persecution has snaked its way through the millennium. But to the point of this challenge, I would sit down with Roosevelt and ask him why, to challenge his thinking and would show him (because I would have the power) the outcomes of his decisions. How ironic, that even to this day a goal of the President is to get his party and himself reelected. The price then was too high.

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One Response to #kinderblog Day 5 My historical era (Spoiler alert: Nothing light)

  1. I wonder how many decisions would be changed if we knew the long term implications. Food for thought. Thanks.

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