#kinderblog Day 4 Now I am a teacher

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

As so many #kinderchat folks say, “Easy Peasy.” As far back as I remember I wanted to be a teacher. After all I ran way to kindergarten when I was 5! Every little girl thinks about marrying Prince Charming or being a ballerina and I was no exception (1950’s my time frame). When I was around eleven we moved and I went to school at The Little Red School House (in Montreal). It was a small school that also housed a classroom for the hearing impaired. My biggest thrill (and as a reward for good grades/behavior or my asking if I could), was having a chance to be with these children and see how they learned. At that time I remember that each child, at each desk, had a headset to help them hear (memory might be faulty, but some hearing aid apparatus was at each desk). Then one day I had an opportunity to be their ” teacher” while the “real” one had some things to take care of at her desk. So, clever child that I was, I knew hearing was a concern, I decided to share with them my interest in dancing (although I never had any lessons). I was a ballerina; twirling, jumping and the dance positions.


The joy in their faces had me hooked. This is what I wanted, more than anything, to connect in a way that would inspire and make an experience meaningful for children. And I think that is what I have been doing since 1976 when I first started teaching.


Me teaching a unit on Egypt. Part of our Oylimpic school event where each teacher presents curriculum about a different country. We learn about similarities and differences that are part of the culture and the children of the country. We read books, do art activities and use Google maps. Brainpopjr has an Ancient Egypt link and @Wonderopolis has some information on Egypt as well. Of course Mummies, the Pyramids and the Sphinx are a big draw!

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2 Responses to #kinderblog Day 4 Now I am a teacher

  1. You were lucky to find your passion young.

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