Our Neighborhood

Kinders love to talk and share what they know. They also love to ask questions, which is a wonderful segue to promote inquiry for our unit of study on the neighborhood. We brainstormed what is a neighborhood, what would you find in a neighborhood and how is a neighborhood is made.
Once again our learning and investigations were supported by @BrainpopJr and @Wonderopolis. With Google Maps and Google Earth we saw where we are in our city, state, country and the world map.
photo-1       photo
We read books, fiction and non fiction, made connections as we worked in our Daily 5 literacy program; made patterns and designs with blocks and manipulatives, incorporating math in our study of the neighborhood.
As I approach my teaching with “purpose and intent” (a post you can read here) I  feel the quality of my teaching has enhanced my Kinders’ learning.
We end our unit before Thanksgiving sharing some incredible Native American legends to show our students another cultures understanding of nature and the environment; explaining the need of taking care of our world. We recognize the importance of taking care of each other, our friends and neighbors and people who need our help.  As we read Giving Thanks  and  Thanks Giving  we give thanks to Mother Earth.
 It has been a busy November and now December brings its own excitement and learning. We invite parents to come and share their holiday traditions with us. How do you approach the holiday season with your students?
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