When Camelot Was Lost

Not my usual post. Not related to my work and a weird reflection one might say, from a time long ago. I have been in a funk this week and realized why today. I have been hearing and reading so much about President John F. Kennedy’s 50th Anniversary of his assassination, which has left me so unsettled. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t make sense. I remember as a young teenager in Montreal I was so captivated by JFK and his family. It doesn’t make sense. I was Canadian, with really no American ties. True my best friend and her parents were expatriates and I learned a lot about American traditions from her, but that was a far as it went. Then I heard about Camelot (JFK’s Camelot) and was mesmerized by their story and all the wonderful pictures.  But in reality life was life, with teenage ups and downs. Glorious friendships and adventures as we tried our wings, ready to fly and grow up. And then, a shot (more than one we’re told), changed everything. It doesn’t makes sense. I was in a terrible funk for a long time after that. Glued to the news I wondered why? No real answers. And today, like then, I am glued to the news and wonder why. It doesn’t make sense.


TITLE; WHen Camelot Was Lost
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