How To Sum Up My Week

Between Daily 5, Writing Workshop, Book Fair, Math Talk and a lesson from our Tech Guru showing the Kinders Pic Collage and Geo Boards Apps I am spent! Oh but hold on, Friday, full day of Parent Conferences. I sit here with the tiniest of headaches; annoying, but doesn’t stop me from reflecting. We have had visitors in our class during our D5 rotation who have been quite surprised by our Ks smooth transitions during their rotation from Guided Reading to Listen to Reading (iPad Learning A-Z app), Handwriting and Read to Self. Our kinders are diligent in their work in Writing Workshop thinking, writing, reflecting and editing. November our unit of study is the neighborhood. We introduced neighborhoods and mapping with Me On The Map, Mapping Penny’s World and As The Crow Flies (to name a few) and then a Google Map Search of our school neighborhood, we are well on our way to wonder, problem solve and create an awesome neighborhood Bulletin Board. I think one of the highlights for my students was the chance to play with PicCollage. Working with partners they took pictures and then created their collage. The Geo board app fascinated them and they were eager to spend time exploring both apps. The next day “real” geo boards were a hit! And then came Friday. Many conferences, many times to share and learn parent to teacher, teacher to parent. With some, we saw the same child at school that parents saw at home. With some, parents were so happy to hear how well their child was adjusting to the kindergarten program and then with some, although they saw similar behavior at home, they were less than pleased that we recognized that as an “area to work on” and shared it with them. It is often difficult to have a parent less than pleased with what we as teachers have to say. But that is a commitment we make to our students. We too are their advocates (just as their parents), and must address in the most kind, reassuring way, concerns that we may have about their child’s school progress. It is now the week end. Time to let school stuff go. Something I’m really not good at. Any suggestions you might have would really be appreciated.

Pic Collage

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3 Responses to How To Sum Up My Week

  1. It’s coming up to our really busy weeks too. This Thursday night is our senior kindergarten student led conferences and next week all our junior k parents come in and observe for an hour. It will be a long week of teaching, hosting parents and doing short conversations with each parent.

    I’m so glad your class is investigating Pic Collage and Geoboard. They are great apps that my class use regularly too.

    Letting go- that’s a hard one, teaching is who we are and what we do. It can consume us. Suggestions- meditation, daily walks and yoga.
    Have a good week,

  2. faige says:

    Appreciate your comment. How old are your seniors? How many junior Ks and how many parents come in at a time? Curious how this works in K. Will try walking, and deep breathing. Meditating leaves spaces in my mind to think about school. Lol But as you write, that’s who we are.

    • We have mixed classes of junior and senior ks. Our juniors have to be 4 by Dec 31st. So they are 3-4 yrs old. Our seniors are 4-5 yrs old. I have two or three sets of families in to observe at a time. It’s busy.

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