October is almost over and I was thinking about my learning.

A quick synopsis is warranted:

Monday, October 14th PD day based on edcamp model
Saturday, October 19th Two Sisters Workshop

Monday,October 21st CPR class after school
Thursday, October 25th Half day PD (next step) in Reading Strategies (Determining Importance)
(One of many books on this topic)
So much to figure out here in my learning. Grappling with balance.
Me and my Kinders:
Field Trip to farm
Math Talk
Writing Workshop
Daily 5 rotation
#geniushour coming up
Month ends with Halloween Parade and class party
My thoughts constantly in a whirl. Take away: Moderation in all things. Always thinking, trying to figure it out. Sometimes, limits do apply.
Ideas welcomed!
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2 Responses to FIGURING IT OUT

  1. janicecomrie says:

    I am tired just reading your post Faige…I totally get where you are coming from. While it is exciting to have so much learning going on, reflection is a big piece of the learning as this is how we make sense of it all. I hope you find some quiet, reflective time to absorb it all. Perhaps your blog may be your space to expand your ideas and sort it all out?

    • faige says:

      My blog is a big source of my reflection space. At the end of the day, I do what I do best: TEACH with joy and focus on who and what counts, my students.

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