A Busy Week In Kindergarten

What a busy week we have had in kindergarten.  We are building stamina in our Daily 5 
routines.  The children have become more independent in their Listen To Reading on the iPad.
This past Friday we introduced Flashlight Friday for Read to Self.
Photo Skitch Document
We practiced our printing with HWT 
And math is integrated throughout the day, as we practice counting and numeral recognition in our calendar routine, as we make patterns, use a Pan Balance  and create number bonds with Math Talk .
Our new unit of study is the Farm and our Kinders are creating a farm bulletin board.
 On our Wonder Wall we have wonders about farms, that will lead to more questions and hopefully discovery when they visit a local college farm.
Our Kinders are learning not only about the 3Rs, but are navigating waiting, taking turns, being kind and respectful. At times this is much harder for them to grasp, then the 3Rs. But that’s what we’re here for, to nurture and guide them.  I have found that play  is not something to toss away. It sets the stage for learning.  As we balance an academic program with their social emotional development, play becomes a conduit. It is imperative that we allow and provide opportunities for constructive, passion-based, child initiated play. I think that #geniushour will be one or our creative learning responses to play. In our outdoor environment we stand back, with watchful eye, as our children maneuver not only the wheel toys, but their growing skills in cooperative, rewarding, fun-filled play.
Has this been a busy time for you and your students? How do you balance play and academics in your programs?
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4 Responses to A Busy Week In Kindergarten

  1. Katharine (@Kathgrate) says:

    Nice, inspiring post. I like “flashlight Friday” (do you have one for each child?) I have table Tuesday & kids can sit under or at the tables. On the rug other days.

    • faige says:

      We have 8 flashlights and use them as part of rotation for daily 5. once we get into full swing of things will see what works for seating. Our kids now sit on floor with little cushions,or directly on carpet, couches or at table. We showed them how to flip chair over and use pillow as back rest against chair and they sit like that for Read to Self as well.

  2. Katharine (@Kathgrate) says:

    Great ideas, Faige. I’ve been wanting to ask you about Daily 5 Read to Self philosophy.
    What are the expectations for the kids? How quiet? How alone? I have independent reading time, but it’s hardly silent.

  3. faige says:

    This is our 3rd year (or 4th?) with the Daily 5. I have had the easiest transition to it this year. I think as i am more comfortable, results and transitioning to the program for the Kinders has been more successful. We will start in our Daily 5 rotation for balanced literacy/leveled reading on Monday. That’s the true test to see how all of this works. some of my Ks need much support with building stamina. In my school we team teach and in kindergarten we have an assistant who will help them transition to the different stations for Daily 5. Our Ks have managed silent independent reading for 10 minutes.(with some exceptions and guidance).

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