I just ended my second week of teaching my kindergarten class. What can I say but exhilarating, rewarding, adventurous AND oh so tiring. From many interactions with my PLN on Twitter, I have read tweets about how difficult getting into the groove has been for many early childhood educators.

In my classroom of 30 children (with two lead teachers and one assistant), varied groupings (whole group, 1/2 group and small groups), specialists that include art, library, music, p.e. and science in a six day rotation we have been very busy. The children have been introduced to the hows and whys of using our “kids” computers and next week we start using our iPads. Life is full, complex and enhanced by an incredible and demanding curriculum. My Kinders are furthering their skills of sharing, taking turns, being kind, taking care of their room, self-reliance, independence and exploring their world. We have watched  Brainpopjr  My Ks love these, ask for more and can’t wait to answer the on line quiz.
We have met Wonderopolis and I hope the “wonders” will encourage the students’ own wonders
and questions that will drive some of their own learning.
For now, getting to know my students has been of utmost importance to me. Who they are, how they play, how they get along and how they learn. Where is their resilience and curiosity that work hand in hand in their desire to learn? So for me this week has opened a window into the class I have this year. My favorite time of day has been reading to the children. They listen mesmerized, focused on the story, excited to share their observations and make connections. We read books about kindness.
(Each Kindness/ Journey). We learned about friendship
(Building a Bridge/Chrysanthemum), and the Incredible Storybook that instilled the excitement of stories. We read books about inclusion and differences.
(One/Zero) and met sweet, funny and kind Froggy and Frog and Toad through books.
My Kinders have sat there, wide-eyed, ready to continue their “learning” adventure. And I, delighted to see that “books/stories” continue to help me ease back to school and get my “groove on!”
Transitions and change are often difficult. How is the transition back to school going for you?
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