No one promised you a rose garden

I follow many incredible people on Twitter that when I saw this post from @AngelaMaiers I decided to write even though I hadn’t planned on it.  So why the title you might ask? I also follow wonderful @TechieAngwho has been tweeting me beautiful flowers from her garden as they bloomed this spring and summer. Now back to life in the garden! I remember reading Joanne Greenberg’s book and being awed by her ordeals and how she persevered to overcome her illness. She developed the courage and trust to fight her way to mental health. In my life I often think of this book, not in terms of mental illness, but in the reality of how we deal with life.  We are not promised a rose garden, but we can make our garden into one that is just right for us. But that is never accomplished in isolation, by ourselves. When we are lucky and have people to surround us with love and encouragement, that makes it happen so much more joyfully. I know that this is not so for everyone; hardships and barriers are the stumbling block along many peoples’ paths. Then we look towards our inner strength, resilience and at times sheer luck! We all know people who we say they have “no fighting chance” or they “caught a lucky break.  Our stories are in our mind, heart and soul. We share them when we’re ready or need to. So my story today is my good fortunate in meeting through Twitter wonderful people who continue to add to my garden. Although I have not met them face to face (f2f), they encourage me and inspire me. Thus this post, “WRITING” and my reflections on the rose garden and beautiful blooms in our lives.

rose from my garden

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