Don’t Limit Me

I have so much I want to share that sometimes all my thoughts collide into each other in my brain. Having prompts from @happycampergirl and #kinderblog13 really helped me focus on them one at a time. So on my own has been a bit tumultuous, but I think I am getting the hang of it. In my last post I was guided by tweets about getting ready for school, and today as I spent time looking at tweets from my PLN I found this one  from @mattBgomez  Did I love it! I cried as I watched and then started reflecting on my experiences teaching children with differences. Did the labels ADD/ADHD, Learning Disability, Autism, OCD and the myriad of others influence my expectations and interactions with my students. In the clip Megan talks about high expectations, not impossible expectations. Do we lower our expectations because of differences? When we differentiate what does that mean and what does that look like to our learners? Do we hold them accountable for their behavior differently from their classmates? Although I teach kindergarten and I am still caught up in labeling a learner that is different. Something that I need to look at more closely. But I know that  does not change my expectations for my students. It is not an excuse for me treating them differently or for them not to be part of our class. Megan talks about being included in the “circle of learning” a powerful message about inclusion, one that resonates with me.  I know that respect, for my students, colleagues, friends and family will continue to be an important through line in my journey this year. I travel a road that is filled with promise.

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