Dream #kinderblog (a bump in the road)

Every once in a while life throws you an unexpected curve ball.  You go down the road, live your life and dream your dreams. Some are huge and fanciful, some are part of your bucket list and some just part of your everyday wishes. My dreams for peace, for eliminating poverty (and all the horrors that go with it),  a good education for all children frustrate me since I seem to have so little control over any of these. I help where I can, knowing that I can never do enough. But I do have a voice and a heart that says “do something.” And I try. Even though this post is part of #kinderblog13 #dream I digress for a moment, before I share my dreams for the children I teach.

This past year was not the first time I have had to stop and take stalk of my life. But the others were long ago and not for today. In October of 2012 I fell and broke my jaw; stitches on my chin, three broken teeth and a tooth that had to be pulled. I was very lucky though that my oral surgeon did not wire my mouth shut (which would have meant drinking from a straw and not being able to talk very well), but was willing to let the jaw heal naturally and I could go to work (an unbelievable gift for me). So for three months I had only liquids; soups, yogurt, Boost, my lattes and eventually oatmeal. Slowly I have added more to my food repertoire. (I did lose weight, not a need, but an outcome.) My incredible colleagues and administrators were supportive throughout this ordeal. I missed a few days of work and we told my class and the parents what happened and they too were understanding and kind. Then came the second glitch on my road.  My husband fell and broke first one hip and then two months later his other hip. He did not need a hip replacement, but had pins and posts put in on both his left and right hip. From January to April he was in and out of hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Thankfully he came home the middle of April and has had two wonderful care givers watch him while I am at work and so I can have time for myself. In the late afternoon and evenings it is he and I, unless family or friends can come over to help. The incredible support from my son, made the unbearable, bearable. A wonderful visit in July from my daughter and grand kids relieved the monotony of my daily routine and added a long missed excitement and energy in my house. And this is where Twitter comes into the picture. I have spent a lot of time here and I want to share with you, what you, my PLN on Twitter have done for me. I have used you, as I listened to your conversations and joined in on your chats. You helped broaden my world as we reached across seas to share our dreams, our learning, our discoveries and our joy. This is a dream I never thought could be; as I find my voice on social media. My journey continues unencumbered by, at times, a seemingly heavy load. Recently I saw a link from @millerg6 with a short clip by Seth Grodin and Tom Peters on blogging. Here is the clip
I have just started blogging with the encouragement from many on Twitter especially #kinderchat and this YouTube just reinforced the power and merits of blogging, not just for the sharing, collaborating and learning, but for the reflecting (a personal reflection, no doubt), which I have in this post.  So now I will let you in on my dreams for my students. If nothing else this year has shown me how fleeting life can be and time is not forever.  My big dreams for my kinders never waver. I want to instill in them the joy of discovery and learning. That the little steps they take will get them where they want to go. Along the way I dream that I will instill humility, kindness and a caring for their fellow-man and the world they inhabit. Big dreams, I know, but if not for them, then for whom. And if not now, when.
I will continue to dream that I can make a difference and that my learning never stop!
(I still have to figure out how to put links in to text, but leaving it this way for now.)
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3 Responses to Dream #kinderblog (a bump in the road)

  1. Katharine says:

    Faige, your first posts on your first blog are amazing. Great way to take the plunge so bravely.
    I’m looking forward to reading more as the school year unfolds — glad to know you.

  2. You have had quite the year. It sounds as if it has made your dreams for your students even more real and important. I love this quote : I know, but if not for them, then for whom. And if not now, when. Yes.

  3. Oh My Goodness, what a year you and your husband have had! I too blog for reflection, a reflection on myself and teaching. I have seen te change and you will too as you continue on your journey.
    Best Wishes,

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