Change #kinderblog13

If this post works for me you can all see the big change for me. I expect no less from me than from my students. I ask them to “go for it” and not worry about mistakes and that is certainly a motto I can infuse for myself. Change is never easy, but exploring and exploration is something I value and want to continue to be part of who I am. The familiar and complacency are such comfort zones, but whom do they benefit, certainly not me nor my kinders. Each year as I say good bye to a group of children and then ready myself for September and a new “crop,” I know that we will learn together. Our fears, teacher and students my not be so different, but relationships and trust develop, ready to conquer and learn. Many changes for me starting with blogging and looking forward to exploring Twitter and Skype with my PLN.

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12 Responses to Change #kinderblog13

  1. Frannie Morrissey says:

    Congratulations, Faige! You continue to inspire with your thoughtful responses, provocative comments and questions, thirst for new challenges, and ability to learn with your students. I admire your commitment to walking the same path with your students.

  2. Louise Syrotiuk says:

    Way to go, Faige! You do “walk the talk”, not just “talk the talk” – and that is inspirational to all of us! Leading by example and always being open to try something new, you will continue to be a wonderful teacher for the kids and for your peers. Looking forward your blogging!

  3. Sharon says:

    Yee haw! Well done and enjoy blogging! This coming year will be my third classroom blog (and not my last).

  4. K. Lirenman says:

    Smiling, really really big right now. I love reading your voice and I can’t wait to read more of it. I am also inspired by your courage to take a risk.

  5. Laurie says:

    This is such a great step for you! And for those of us that get to follow you!
    You have always been a huge inspiration, and now that inspiration can be shared with even more people.
    I cannot wait to hear/ read what you have to say! Congratulations Faige!

  6. faige says:

    Will work on this before class blog. Thanks

  7. Yay you, Faige! It looks great over here. I know you have been a dedicated blog commenter for some time – how nice to have a space of your own!

  8. Way to go Faige! I look forward to reading your blog and continuing to learn from you. Congrats!

  9. Huzzah! I’m so glad that you have started a blog. I can’t wait to read your reflections; what a great opportunity to expand your (wonderful) voice! 🙂

  10. Patty Nault says:

    It’s refreshing to read others are also beginning their learning in the world of Twitter, blogging, and Skyping. I’m a terrified but willing participant as well. Good luck to us both this year!

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